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When your business is experiencing growth it can be super exciting. But how do you ensure that this growth is being managed well? When you’re a business owner, as well as feeling supported, it’s important to control the risks attached with growth, so your business continues to flourish. Strong financial leadership in your business can help guide the way, increasing the chances of positive outcomes.

We all love money (when we have it!), but there’s a fine line between love and hate. If money worries are keeping you up at night, it’s really no fun at all. Creating a cash flow forecast to help give you the clarity you need, to monitor cash management, allowing you to see what lies ahead before it happens, empowers you to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Together with cash flow, having a handle on your business performance is key to success. Historical financial statements produced each year, tell you the story of what has happened. A smart business not only reflects on what has happened in the past, but keeps tabs on what the numbers are saying about  your business performance right now. Are we on track? Are we in profit each month? Should we be looking to create more efficiency? Are we growing? Do we have the right level of resource? What could or should we be doing next? Developing formats to suit your business, Lyeloon can help you monitor this essential management information clearly and consistently.

Financial strategy. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, lets get you there. From business planning, forecasting, to establishing KPIs, and much more, Lyeloon can listen and create a strategy that works for you and your business.

Helping businesses overcome these kind of hurdles, facing challenges head on, and identifying solutions quickly, will build confidence in your business, amongst your teams, and achieve greater results for your business.

Lyeloon. Your Financial Coach

Passionate about success for small to medium size businesses, Lyeloon is here to:

  •   Drive your business towards growth
  •   Increase profitability
  •   Guide good business decisions
  •   Empower you to overcome business challenges
  •   Build confidence within your business
  • Offering a fresh perspective alongside some leadership strength and coaching, Lyeloon can provide financial direction for your business.


So, lets grow together.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, lets get you there.

Our Services


Board Level Advisor (NED)

Bringing an open, honest and independent voice to monthly board meetings, with a view to making the best decisions for your business.


Financial Strategy and Direction

Designing a financial strategy which weaves seamlessly through the whole of your business.


Business Planning

Working with you in creating a business plan that gives you focus and energy in the right areas to enable growth.


Business Coaching

Building confidence across teams resulting in greater motivation, performance and good culture.


Budgeting and Forecasting

Setting a clear financial plan across income and expenditure within the business, giving us tangible goals for financial performance throughout the accounting period.


Performance Management

Creating reports that are right for your business and routinely  using this information to “check in” on performance, allows us to swiftly acknowledge and proceed with the best way forward.


Cash Management

No business (big or small), can remain in the dark on this one! Knowing the cash position of your business, and what it’s likely to be going forward is crucial for the survival of any business. A simple cash flow forecast can not only protect your business, but gives you peace of mind and the power to move forward in the right way. 

System Implementation

Having the right system in place which works for you is important – it’s the foundation that your business is built on. Businesses can outgrow systems, so whether it’s a brand new system or streamlining and improving what’s already there, having the right system and process ready for the next chapter in your business can make all the difference.  



Negotiating effectively when reaching agreements depends very much on the approach you take. Protecting key business interests whilst maintaining good relationships can be achieved with some thoughtful planning beforehand. 


Business Advice

Sometimes, you just need to talk things through. To know that you’ve considered all of the options, and that you’re making good business decisions.  Empowering you to move forward with confidence.


Advice for Startups

Great tips and advice for those looking to start a new business and are looking for guidance. Lyeloon can help set you up with the right tools so that you begin your business adventure with a plan, vision, energy, motivation and determination.  

I have been working with Lyeloon for years. I wouldn’t be where I am without her guidance.
She has a cool head when it comes to figures, sharing thoughtful advice which allows my business to act both sure-footed and strategically.
— Elle Moss - Drew London, CEO



Lyeloon was previously the Finance Director at Livity for over twelve years - a youth marketing agency which delivers audience led consultancy and creative campaigns that engage young people with brands, charities and government campaigns. 

Lyeloon was a cornerstone of Livity's most successful period to date, not just in terms of financial growth, but also recognition. With Lyeloon as part of the leadership team, Livity won Agency of the Year, Social Enterprise of the Year, and the Queens Award for Enterprise. 

Offering transparency around the numbers, raising financial awareness and creating a sense of accountability in a largely creative environment is what she does best. 


Balancing purpose and profit in the world of business is one of Lyeloon’s greatest passions, and will always remain her mantra.
Lyeloon (pronounced Layloon), sounds very exotic, but it’s the name made up for her by my father. He said it came to him in a dream just before I was born.
The name represents ambition, independence, strength, reliability, determination and professionalism.
— Lyeloon Kazi

What others say

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"During the various challenges of a growing business as an owner/manager, I was entirely able to depend on Lyeloon to root the business in reality whilst also protecting its vulnerabilities whilst raising the sights and ambition of the people who work here. 

Lyeloon has a rare ability to comprehend the equal importance of culture and strategy and plays a role contributing equally to both, ensuring both a happy, and high performing team.

A sense of duality is found throughout Lyeloon’s career, and is at the core of her strength as a leader in business, an innate ability to tackle complexity, at pace, without losing perspective or good humour."

Sam Conniff, Be More Pirate

"I have known and worked with Lyeloon in her capacity as Finance Director since 2004. Latterly, when I became Managing Director of Livity Africa, Lyeloon continued to support me and my new company with regular trips to South Africa. 

Lyeloon is dedicated, hard-working, conscientious, determined and has exceptionally positive energy. She has always been an unstinting support for everyone in the company. She cares greatly about excellence and has the emotional intelligence to be able to help non-financial people understand the numbers. If I could persuade her to move to South Africa and join my company I would."

- Gavin Weale, Managing Director, Livity Africa


"I've worked with Lyeloon, as my Financial Coach, for many years.  She gives me, and my company, the strategy to push forward with confidence. From launch (13 years ago) Lyeloon has supported my companies growth (sometimes shrink), development and all important financial security.

Lyeloon is an active listener, who delivers advice calmly and assertively."

- Elle Moss, CEO, Drew London


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